Finishing Products

Full range of adhesives, bonding agents, plasters, protective and decorative coatings for floors and walls designed to serve underground construction field to provide the protective and aesthetic finishing.

General Purpose Adhesives

Cempatch SBR
Liquid polymer bonding agent for cement containing mixes.

Cempatch AB
Acrylic bonding and curing agent for cement mixes and concrete repair.

Qucikmast EPA
Solvent free two part epoxy adhesive for concrete surfaces.

Tile Adhesives and Grouts

Cemfix Flex
Single component, highly deformable ceramic tile and stone adhesive with slip resistance and extended open time.

Cemfix 2CS
Two component, high performance tile adhesive for heavy duty areas with slip resistance and extended open time.

Cemafill W
High performance and water repellant cementitious tile grout for joints up to 8 mm in wet and submerged areas.

Quickmast EP500
Highly flexible fast setting three component performance solvent free epoxy ceramic tile and stone adhesive and grout.

Key Coat and Leveling Coat Plasters

Proplast RC100
Exterior grade cementitious key coat plaster for all common types of substrates.

Proplast CM100
Machine applied exterior grade cementitious levelling plaster with improved bond strength, high impact and condensate resistance.

Smooth Finishing Putty and Decorative Plasters

Probuild PB200 Exterior
Exterior grade thin coat cementitious smooth finishing and small filling putty plaster with weather and water resistance for all common types of substrates.

Probuild JC100
Interior grade thin coat gypsum smooth finishing and joint compound putty plaster.

Proplast Classic
Flexible fibre reinforced exterior grade cementitious decorative plaster with high mould, UV, weather, frost, impact and water resistance.

Proplast Acrylic
Ready to use acrylic based decorative textured finish coat for external and internal application.

Proplast Silicone
Ready to use silicone based finish coat for external and internal application.

Epox Resin Flooring

Strongcoat EC50
High build solvent based epoxy resin coating.

Strongcoat HD
Heavy duty solvent free coal tar modified epoxy based flooring system.

Strongcoat WD
Water based epoxy resin floor and wall coating.

Protective Coating

Repcoat FF
Water based high performance acrylic protective and decorative coating.

Repcoat P
High performance polyurethane based protective coating.

Strongcoat EN100
High performance chemical resistant epoxy novolac lining.

Strongcoat EPU100
High performance flexible epoxy polyurethane resin protective coating.