Grouts & Anchors

High performance, free flowing, high strength cement or synthetic resin mortar, design to fill the gap between structural elements in addition to permanent fixation of anchors.

Grout Additives & Admixture

Expansive and plasticising grout admixture

Flo-Add C
Free flow non-shrink grout additive for post tensioned cables

Flo-Add HF
Hydrogen free expansive and plasticising grout additive

Flo-Add GS11
High range water reducing superplasticiser admixture and dispersing agent for cementitious grouts

Flo-Add GS11P
Dispersing and expansive agent for cementitious grouts

Cementitious Grout

Flo-Grout 2
General purpose non-shrink cementitious grout

Flo-Grout HF1
High flow non-shrink hydrogen free cementitious precision grout

Flo-Grout HS
High strength cementitious precision grout

Flo-Grout UW
Non-shrink cementitious grout for underwater application

Epoxy Grout

Flo-Grout EP260
High strength three component free flowing epoxy resin grout

Flo-Grout EP260T
High strength three component trowel apply, epoxy resin grout

Flo-Grout EPCG
High strength pourable epoxy foundation resin grout

Anchoring Grout

High strength polyester grout for anchoring and fixing

Keyfix E
Epoxy resin cartridge system for anchoring

Keyfix AE100
Epoxy acrylate resin cartridge system for anchoring


Keyfix AE100
Epoxy acrylate resin cartridge system for anchoring