The Philosophy of Tunnelling

Underground spaces do not follow the principles of defined properties, testable conditions and specific structural loads that outline aboveground civil construction. Experience in aboveground construction, references or textbooks provide limited assistance in underground construction. One single answer cannot be adopted as a continuous solution to a regularly occurring problem from one project to another.

The “philosophy” of tunnelling is a continuous dialogue that changes from one project to another on the belief that each task of each project depends on engineering judgmentexperience and decision making under uncertainty. The ground with all its questionability makes up the essential part of the underground structure, loads are estimated and controlling groundwater can only be anticipated every step of the way.

UCT Services

UCT provides innovative and practical solutions to the underground construction industry at every step of your project.
UCT’s offers assistance in making informed critical decisions related to:

  • Quality construction materials,
  • On-site cooperative technical support, and
  • In-house practical experience that is available:
  1. At all stages of the project,
  2. For selecting the correct products and/or solutions, and
  3. For equipment advisory and compatibility.